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Adding value to your human resources
For more than 30 years, we have developed our expertise in rapid and successful personal recruitment and staffing, notably regarding bilingual and trilingual positions over Paris and its surroundings. We answer to all kind of staffing needs, from temporary work to long term recruitment.
The key to our success in three steps :
The first phase consists of the definition of the position and the profile of the ideal candidate.
The second phase is dedicated to the research and selection of candidates that meet the criteria defined in the first phase.
When searching for candidates we utilize all means for a detailed and targeted search. Besides our own database we make use of the internet, classified advertisements, placards …
Every candidate is interviewed by our team face to face. His competences, especially his language skills, are evaluated on the basis of tests (spelling, writing, text processing, accounting, foreign languages) and conversation.
In addition to the validation of the personality, the availability, the suitability to the position and professional experiences of the candidate, we carefully check any documents of the candidate (diplomas and references).
We inform any suitable candidate about the position, its duration, the actual work contents, the corporate culture of the organisation (sector, type of client, dress-code, working hours, expected behaviour, working-methods) salary, work schedule.
At last, we send the commented documents of the candidate’s selection to our customer. For each candidate selected we arrange and organize an introduction and interview.
In the final phase we delegate the chosen candidate and follow him during his placement. To make sure that our customer is satisfied by the deployment of our candidate, a continual validation is made throughout the candidate’s mission.
Which positions?
Account Manager, Assistants, Client Administrator, Commercial Agent, Legal Assistant, Personal Assistants, Salesman, Secretaries, Stewardess, Switchboard Operator,…
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To apply, send us your dossier by E-mail, notifying the position you are looking for and joining your resume (Word file) or present yourself to one of our agencies with the following documents:
  • Identity Card
  • Driving license and any other kind of certificates needed for your job (ADR, CACES, FIMO, FCOS,…)
  • Social Security certificate
  • Updated resume and degrees
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